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Urban Glam Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

Urban Glam Rewards Program is subject to these Terms and Conditions. Registered Members at will earn points in connection with the purchase of qualifying products that are redeemable towards a Urban Glam Reward Gift Card. Urban Glam Rewards Points are good for purchases at only, are non-transferable, nonrefundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Urban Glam Reward Points are not retroactive.


By joining the Urban Glam Rewards Program, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


Membership: Participation in the Urban Glam Rewards program ("Rewards Program" or the "Program") is limited to registered Members at


Eligibility: Membership in the Program is limited to individuals only and is limited to one account per individual. Membership is limited to individuals who are 18 years of age and older. Corporations, group resellers, and other persons or entities using this program for profit are not eligible to become members and may have their membership revoked by Urban Glam at its sole discretion.


Account Maintenance: Once you are a registered user of ("the site"), you may see a summary of your account on the site. After logging onto the site, simply click on the "Rewards Program" link under the My Account menu and you will be able to review the number of points earned.


All Members earn one point for every one ($1) U.S. dollar spent when qualifying products are purchased on Taxes, delivery charges (shipping charges), coupons (discount codes) and gift cards do not count towards earning Reward Points. Rewards are tracked automatically. Reward Points are rounded down; for example, if you spend $23.81, you will receive 23 points. Orders placed outside of and through other retail locations or websites are not eligible for Urban Glam Rewards Points.


Purchased Gift Cards: When a Member makes a qualifying purchase using a Urban Glam purchased Gift Card (not an earned Urban Glam Rewards Gift Card), the Member will earn points on the amount of the purchase. When a Member purchases a Urban Glam Gift Card, no Reward Points will be awarded.


Urban Glam Reward Points will be added to a Member's account only after an order has been completed. This is defined as an order reaching and staying in the "Delivered" order status. The amount of points earned on recent purchases will be shown when you log into your account and view your points under "Reward Points" in the left menu.


Reward Points earned for a purchase that is then the subject of a return and/or refund will be deducted from the Member's account in an amount equal to the points earned for the original transaction, including bonus points.


From time to time, Urban Glam may run certain bonus point programs. Under bonus point programs, Members can earn additional or "bonus points" in connection with the purchase of certain products where a Member earns a set amount of bonus points. When these products are purchased by a Member, the Member will earn bonus points on each product, as specified in the offer. Bonus point promotions are subject to the terms and conditions of the offer and may be offered at any time at Urban Glam's sole discretion.


If a Member purchases a product during a bonus point promotion and the product comes with an additional, free product, bonus points will not be issued on the retail value of the free product.


Points earned by a Member may be redeemed for an Urban Glam Rewards Gift Card. Every 25 points may be converted to $1 in Gift Card value, provided a Member is using a minimum of 250 points. Points must be redeemed only after the Rewards balance has reached 250 points.


250 $10
300 $12
350 $14
400 $16
450 $18
500 $20


To redeem points towards an Urban Glam Rewards Gift Card, a Member must be a registered user and must have minimum 250 points in their account. To redeem your points, Members must log in their account, click on "Redeem Reward Points" during checkout. Urban Glam is not responsible for lost or stolen Reward Gift Cards.


Exclusions: Points accumulated on different accounts of different Members may not be combined or aggregated. Points earned in a transaction cannot be redeemed in the same transaction.


Expiration: Urban Glam may terminate this program at any time, at its sole discretion, without notice. All points earned at the time terminating this program are considered expired.


Urban Glam may, at its sole discretion and without prior notice may alter, limit, terminate, or modify program terms, conditions, rules, regulations, gifts, or any other feature of the program at any time, without notice.


Urban Glam may revoke any Member's membership in the Rewards Program at any time if such Member engages in abuse of the Program or fails to follow the terms and conditions of the Program. Fraud or abuse relating to the accrual of points or redemption of rewards may result in revocation of membership in the Program and may affect a Member's eligibility for participation in any other Urban Glam programs.


Urban Glam shall make any necessary interpretation or application of these terms and conditions and/or any other rules, regulations or guidelines associated with this program.


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